The Story Behind the Brand

My name is Asha Mosi, CEO and Founder of Un-Cursed.  I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by trade with over 10 years of experience in the social service field. Un-cursed was birthed due to my own family dynamics and personal experiences with trauma and broken family systems.  I believe there is a necessity for our communities and families to heal.

Our families are hindered with generational curses.  Our families struggle with curses of: substance abuse, co-dependency, enabling behavior, physical abuse, sexual abuse, enmeshment, lack of boundaries, domestic violence, unaddressed mental health concerns, poor eating habits and many other aliments that have left families in a pattern that continue to repeat themselves one generation after the next.  The origin of these curses may have derived from slavery, family traditions, church or religion, or societal expectations.  

The goal is to create new memories and healthier pathways to break these generational curses.  With these new tools, we begin to create healthier, fulfilling and loving lives that not only change the course of our lives, but those we encounter . Ultimately, the goal is also to heal oneself, thus allowing the next generation of children to flourish, and not spend their adult lives recovering from these curses.

One person, one family at time, we can begin to heal and break generational curses together.